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17 Abril 2012

Ahorrar balas

Un gadget de Leupold, para ahorrar balas en el campo de tiro.




Viendo los videos saldréis de las pocas dudas que podáis tener. 80€ y para toda la vida.




(18/04/2012 19:58:45) Alfonso Urbano López de Carrizosa:Impresionante tocayo!!! Muy bueno el gadget, pero lo que sigue dejándome alucinado es el repertorio que nos sigues trayendo!! todos los meses... Un saludo y muchas gracias!
(18/04/2012 22:36:43) Alfonso Treviño :Gracias Alfonso. La teta se va secando pero mientras de leche ordeñaremos. Abrazo, Alfonso.
(23/04/2012 11:11:41) Gonzalo:Estimado Alfonso, me parece un gadget muy útil (como la gran mayoria con que nos obsequias en tu blog) y me interesaría saber dónde se puede adquirir en España y de dónde has sacado el precio que nos has informado, si es que dispones de tal información. Muchas gracias por el trabajo de localizar estos gadgets y, de antemano por tu colaboración. Un saludo
(23/04/2012 19:11:46) Alfonso Treviño : No se quién eres, lo vi en OPTICSPLANET a 79$. No tengo idea quién será el distribuidor en España. saludos. Alfonso Treviño.
(06/03/2013 17:09:34) Samuel:Por lo visto, no se puede comprar ahí. Hechem un vistaso al texto (en inglés): 8:46 AM Carly: Hello, Samuel Janes. Give me a second to review your question. 8:46 AM Carly: Most of the products we sell can be shipped anywhere worldwide. There are some items that we can`t export due to our contracts with our supplier or due to US law. The easiest thing to do is to place your order on our website. If there are any issues regarding the order, we will contact you within 24-48 business hours. You can also check out our \"export restrictions\" at the link I`ve provided. 8:48 AM Samuel Janes: Yes I`ad check out your restrictions and had nothing about the Leupold Magnetic Boresighter. I just asked because had a bad experience when I tryed buy it form UK site online. 8:49 AM Carly: I do not have that information available to me. It would be best to place an order and if any problems comes up, we will notify you. 8:50 AM Samuel Janes: So, I order, I pay and you will see if it is feasable??? 8:51 AM Carly: That is correct. 8:51 AM Samuel Janes: And, if is not, you will return my money! 8:52 AM Carly: Yes 8:52 AM Samuel Janes: So we can not antecipate the transation, trying to know if it is possible? 8:53 AM Carly: I am not sure what you are asking 8:54 AM Samuel Janes: I`m asking to you if it is possible to know if you can sell the Leupold Magnetic Boresighter to Portugal before I buy it from you? 8:54 AM Carly: I do not have that information unfortunately. 8:55 AM Samuel Janes: but can you obtain the information and send me a mail in a few days? 8:55 AM Carly: Another department has the information. 8:55 AM Samuel Janes: can I talk (chat) with them? 8:56 AM Carly: Unfortunately, they only review the orders. 8:57 AM Samuel Janes: Could you be so kind and ask them if it is possible? 8:59 AM Carly: They can only check if you place an order because they must research where it is going. 8:59 AM Carly: If I could ask them, I would but unfortunately I cannot. 9:00 AM Samuel Janes: Carly, I told you: is for Portugal (did you seel, any time, any Leupold Magnetic Boresighter to Portugal, Spain,...)? 9:00 AM Samuel Janes: sell 9:00 AM Carly: I do not have that information. 9:00 AM Samuel Janes: Can I speak with you boss/cheaf? 9:01 AM Carly: One moment please. 9:02 AM Samuel Janes: tkx 9:02 AM Felix: How may I help you today? 9:03 AM Samuel Janes: Hi Felix, I just want to know if you can sell me a Leupold Magnetic Boresighter. I am a buyer from Portugal. 9:03 AM Felix: We would not be able to send Leupold items outside the United States 9:04 AM Samuel Janes: OK, thank you very much. Have a nice day. 9:04 AM Felix: Thanks for chatting with us! If you need anything in the future, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to help! Have a great day! This transcript was delivered to you courtesy of Velaro, Inc.

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